My story

  • Near-death experience (NDE) on the very day of my birth. The doctors did not understand the clinical cause of this condition which lasted for 15 days.
  • During my childhood, i had regular out-of-body experiences. It seemed natural to me and i throught everyone was going through the same thing.
  • Around the age of 13, i started to feel the vibrations, i knew intuively if a person was sad, happy, balanced, animal was suffering of living things
  • One morning (around the age of 18) i woke up and i felt pure, radiant, soft and powerful energy. Then, a deep understanding that we are pure light and eternal life, that this world was an experience of the soul to discover its true nature.
  • During a trip to Egypt, i visited Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. I experienced a very deep connection with his soul. I was given a message concerning me and since then we have remained connected on another plane of consciousness.
  • This is only a small part of the experiences i have had and still have today.

My background


I have a master's degree in European law and worked as a lawyer for a few months in a law firm. Later on, despite having no formal financial education, i entered the world of finance.


I intuitively felt the evolution of listed stocks. My speciality was the small cap sector and more specifically biotechnology.


I had a promising career ahead of me. I received several proposals from major banks and investment funds. But in the end, all of this was just mere entertainment for me.


An inner calling made me realize that my gifts were only useful in helping others.


I then began to practice energy healing sessions with family, friends and friends of friends...

Interviews and press articles

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