Energetic Emotionals Care

Humans are emotional beings first and foremost, so the health of body is intimately linked to the balance of our emotions. Poor emotional management leads to many disorders both internally (insomnia, stress, anxiety,...) and physically ( psychosomatic diseases).

Which symptoms can be addressed?


It should be noted that nearly half of all cases treated by medicine are reported to have an emotional origin and it is estimated that nearly 90% of all diseases are aggravated by negative emotions.



It is also important to understand that each person is unique, and the success of an energy care sessions depends not only on the pathology itself, but also on the connection that is made with the patient.



Here is a non-exhaustive list of the diseases concerned:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders: these organs are undoubtedly the most important emotional source.
  • skin diseases that are not caused by a viral or bacterial disease such as psoriasis, eczema,...
  • insomnia, libido loss, bulimia, anorexia,...
  • tinnitus.
  • muscle soreness and tightness in the back, neck and shoulders.
  • of course, all the symptoms related to depression, burnout and panic attacks.

How many sessions?

There are no definite rules because many factors come into play (the patient's age, the type of pathology and its history, release ability, etc.).


However, in most cases, Thierry succeeds in significantly improving the symptoms after the first 2 sessions.