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Subject: contact details research Magnetizer Mon 25 April 2016 - 13:36

"Here's my feedback after my 2 sessions with Mr Thierry, i found his website on the internet. I went there for my eczema and tendonitis for more than 2 years...I felt this white energy again very strongly this time and then i started to see myself as a child. I re-experienced many things with a feeling of whiteness around me. I no longer have tendonitis or eczema..."

06.01.2015 - 14:14

" I finally got rid of my migraine problem. At work i heard about a magnetizer who had made someone feel better...I consulted the one my friend had heard about in Paris and i can tell you that i felt something the first time. For the first time in a while, i had a quiet weekend without migraine. I went there for 3 sessions to ensure the treatment was done as he advised. It's been 2 and a half months and everything is fine with me...His name is Mr Thierry and you can find his details on the internet."

16.10.2015 - 16:20

"I went to see Mr Thierry in the Paris region for eczema. The session lasted almost 40 minutes. At first i had a big flare-up, i went there 3 times and after 2 months i had nothing at all. I am very happy to have read this forum because without it i will probably still be suffering. Thank you."

07.05.2015-forum medicine

"I suffered for three years from a retractable shoulder capsulitis...I did a seach and found his website ( by taping "thierry cunin magnetizer" on google you can find i)...It's amazing, i can do it. 45 in total and the pain has disappeared. Since then, no mote pills..."



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Amina medium gave her opinion on Thierry:

"I did not consult Thierry by chance, I allowed myself to make a clairvoyance before...He is a very ancient soul connected to Ancien Egypt, spiritual, extremely powerful...Concerning the healing, i saw him twice and he treated for a muscular inflammation which had been lasting 3 years."


Company "Christian Louis Master Perfumer Paris" gave his opinion on Thierry:

"Quite simply Thierry...He is in the present state of consciousness awakening. He is truly an extraordinary man. Surely, we are friends in another life!..."


Jeff Dru gave his opinion on Thierry:

"His magnetism, his kindness"


Janine Laleve gave her opinion:

"The absolute supreme being, thank you Thierry for the help you provide to those that come to you! Gratitude"


Amy Plus gave her opinion:

"He was moving at the level of my pain! It left me puzzled for several days. At the beginning of the second session, a wave ran through me from the moment Thierry laid his hand on me and I opened me eyes to check that I was not the end of the session, no more pain!! Wow! All these years of pains vanished in a few sessions...I had tears in my eyes; since then i feel an inner calmness...An extraordinary experience that has also changed me emotionally. Thank you very much Thierry."


Martine Collet gave her opinion:

"Thank you for the help you gave me, I consider you a holy man."


Pascal Fournier gave his opinion:

"Thank you Thierry for your care. Take care of you!"


Pauline Teamshape gave her opinion:

"...I had neck pain and severe migraine episodes because of two motorcycle accidents...After some thinking, I decided to go see Thierry and the positive effects were felt...My neck pain has almost completely disappeared...In short, I recommend you to Thierry..."