Thierry CUNIN, Energy Therapist


More than 20 years of experience 
Energy care of the Physical and Emotional Body.
Practitioner for Athletes, Managers and Personalities
Office in Aix-en-Provence

Travel in France and Abroad

Energetic Healing is a faculty related to a state of purified consciousness. It makes it possible to act on two planes wich are both distinct and interconnected.

The plane of the physical body (by vital energy) and on the mind (by connection to a state of unity awareness).  

This ability for care unique, it does not sit in the intellect, cannot be learned, it's a gift 

For Emotionals Ailments

Energetic Emotionals Care

The goal is to work on the emotional level in order to regain physicall well-being and inner serenity.

For Body Ailments

Energetic Body Care

Thierry's energy care stands out from other natural therapies because of his innate connection to the healing energy wich happened at an early age. This intuitive ability allows him to act on the physical body in order to restore balance.

The Healing Energy

Thierry dit not learn any specific techniques during his practice as an energetic therapist because, for him, when we talk about "methods" we should also include the use of our mental, reflective and intellectual faculties. This energy sits at the level of a state of consciousness of our togetherness.


This energetic healing faculty naturally and intuitively became apparent from his earliest childhood and, little by little, he realized that becoming a energetic therapist was an obvious part of is life path.


People often wonder to what extent the mind has a healing power over the body. The answer is that, since the body comes from the mind, the mind has complete power over it. However, after testing the power of positive thinking to heal and failing, one then starts to think that it does not have any effect whatsoever.


The is no doubt that, as part of a healing process, the mind must reach a higher state of consciousness and this cannot be learned intellectually. Mechanically repeating to yourself "I am better" when the subconscious message remains "I am sick"; will not produce any effects on your recovery.


The secret to healing is to rise above the limitations of this world of diversity, in order to be able to touch the unity of the whole Being. It is there one connects to the healing power of the Spirit, and it is through this awakening of consciousness that one becomes able to help others in their pain and suffering.

A State of Unity

The state of consciousness linked to this activity of magnetizer healer cannot be linked to the ego, a desire for recognition or any kind of idea of power. It's a dimension of the being linked to its own dinity, a state of unity with all things. It's an aspiration turned towards the inner light, towards the divinity of the soul.


The act of healing becomes an act of spontaneous service, of acting without thinking about it for others or oneself. In this state of consciousness, there is only an indescribable state of peace and unity with what the ego calls "others".