Energetic Body Care

Thierry's energy care is authentic and different from other therapies because of his innate connection to the energy of healing, a faculty that became evident to him naturally and intuitively from a very early age.

The energetic treatment process

The energy care session takes place lying down and fully dressed (cotton/linen clothing is preferred). Mobile phones must be switched off during the treatment. Patients are also encouraged to remove their shoes at the entrance of the treatment room.


Thierry proceeds by laying his hands on the sick parts (except intimate areas) and on certain energy centers  according to his own feelings. Thierry discovered the infinite healing power of the spirit on the body by entering a modified state of consciousness, in which neither speaking nor moving during the treatment is required.


The patient will experience cold, heat, energy waves, light, color perceptions and/or a deep state of well-being. 


After the session, Thierry gives you his impressions and insights without any judgment. It should be noted that these are intuitive perceptions and not a reflection or judgment.

Which physical disorders?

It is important to understand that each person is unique, and the success of an energy care sessions depends not only on the pathology itself, but also on the connection that is made with the patient.


If you don't see the pathology you suffer from below, it doesn't mean that he won't be able to treat you:

  • Skin diseases (excluding contact transmitted diseases): shingles, burns....
  • Respiratory diseases: asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis...
  • Migraine, neuralgia.
  • Sciatica, Lumbago.
  • Bone pain: arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  • Muscle pain: tendonitis, retractile capsulitis, bursitis...

What effects?

There are no fixed rules because many factors come into play (the patient's age, the type of pathology and history, release ability, etc.).


However, in the vast majority of cases, Thierry succeeds in significantly improving symptoms after the first 2 sessions (see section: patient testimonials).